Facial hygiene is an important thing for most people because there are many problems surrounding facial skin, from acne to blackheads and oily skin. Not only women, men are now also increasingly aware of the importance of facial care in order to avoid problems that can be said to be very annoying.

We know that the appearance of clean and oil-free facial skin is a desire for everyone, especially for teenage girls. Usually people who have acne problems will feel inferior, ashamed, shut themselves off, frustrated, self-confidence decreases and so on.

To get rid of acne and at the same time whiten it naturally, sometimes requires a lot of money. Starting from the cost of treatment, consultation sessions, changing products, to the stage of treatment to remove acne, pockmarks, black spots and blackheads.

With the high cost of modern and chemical facial treatments, it’s a good idea to use natural methods, besides being cheaper, also because modern treatments can have a negative impact on facial skin health in the future, sooner or later. If you still don’t know how to treat acne and whiten facial skin naturally, you should read this article thoroughly.

Here’s a review that we’ve compiled for you!

How to treat acne and whiten your face naturally

There are several natural ingredients that you can use to get rid of acne while whitening your face naturally. Starting from honey, lime, cucumber to rice. All the basic ingredients to get rid of acne that we have mentioned are natural ingredients.

This means that how to cure acne as well as whiten the face which will be discussed on this occasion is very safe for you to practice.

HONEY – We start with honey, everyone knows that honey has many benefits for maintaining a healthy body. Not only refreshing the body, honey can also be used to get rid of acne. One of the many ways to apply honey is to use it as a mask.

Many people have used honey as a natural mask for facial skin health, because it does not cause adverse effects on facial skin.

LIME – Next up is lime. We both know that lime contains a lot of vitamin C which is very useful for getting rid of acne and treating facial skin to be brighter. To get maximum results, you need to mix lime with an egg that is applied to the face at night.

Cucumber – The next alternative is cucumber. Cucumber can be used as a face mask. Not many people know that cucumber contains nutrients that are very beneficial for facial skin health.

How to apply cucumber to get rid of acne while whitening your face is to blend it and use it as a mask with a duration of approximately 20 minutes.

RICE – And the last one is rice. Is it time for rice? That’s right! Rice is the main ingredient in Asian food, but rice can also be used as a natural ingredient to get rid of acne and whiten facial skin, naturally, of course.

The effect of rice is better than artificial facial whitening products or medicines that are packaged as facial whitening ingredients. This does not mean that we prohibit the use of chemical substances or drugs, only that we provide information that we get from various reliable sources.

In our opinion, natural ingredients are much safer and easier to handle if there are side effects caused by the skin. The impact will be less even if the skin is not suitable or sensitive with some natural ingredient treatments used to treat acne problems.


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