For a long time, cigarettes have become part of the daily life of Indonesian people. Starting from children, teenagers to the elderly, are very familiar with this product. That means they dare to ignore the big risks to health caused by smoking.

Various things they consider “advantages” of cigarettes, especially among teenagers. For example, teenagers think smoking is something that can make them look cool. I don’t know where, when in fact cigarettes actually have a bad effect on a person’s body and appearance.

Here are 5 reasons that make the appearance of a smoker less attractive


1. Make teeth yellow and bad breath

Having white, clean and healthy teeth is everyone’s dream. Healthy teeth and mouth make a person more confident, also pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, for active smokers, cigarettes actually make teeth yellow and breath not fresh.

This is due to the nicotine in cigarettes, which stimulates acids in the mouth. Nicotine that sticks to the teeth and mouth, gradually causes bad effects in the form of yellowish spots on the teeth and an unpleasant smell from the remaining content of cigarettes in the mouth.

So, the assumption that smoking makes appearance more attractive seems to contradict this fact.

2. Brittle bones

Young age is productive age. A myriad of activities await every day, such as sports or other hobbies. And of course, to do so requires excellent body condition, especially the condition of the bones and muscles. Unfortunately, for smokers, they can lose the opportunity to carry out these cool activities.

The reason is, smoking can inhibit a lot of cell work in the body. One of them is the construction cells in bone. These cells function to repair and build damaged parts of the bone so that the bones are always in good condition. But cigarettes actually inhibit cell work, so osteoporosis and other bone problems occur. It would look bad if someone at a young age looked stooped, wouldn’t it?

3. premature aging

Another problem with smoking is premature aging, which can be in the form of wrinkles on the face, especially at the edges of the eyes and mouth. This is due to the blockage of hemoglobin which transports oxygen due to carbon monoxide from cigarettes. As a result, the skin experiences a lack of oxygen intake, so skin cells do not work properly. Young age filled with wrinkles on the face is certainly not an interesting thing!

4. Being lethargic

All organs of the body are in dire need of oxygen-rich blood, but because of smoking, carbon monoxide causes disruption of lung function, resulting in a lack of oxygen in the blood. Troubled bones, muscles don’t work optimally, brain performance declines, finally: lethargic!

5. Waste

Assume that the price of a pack of cigarettes is 15 thousand to 20 thousand, and one day you spend one pack of cigarettes, then in one month you waste Rp. 15,000 x 30 days = Rp. 450,000. What if more than 1 pack a day? You can calculate it yourself.

And remember, the price of cigarettes never goes down. Imagine what you could get with that money. New shoes, new clothes, new bags, or gadgets, all can be bought. Wouldn’t it be better to save the money, rather than having to spend it on something that is clearly detrimental?

Those are some of the bad effects caused by smoking. Imagine, something that is done with the excuse of wanting to look attractive or cool, the fact is quite the opposite. Wrinkles here and there, body limp without passion.

In conclusion, smoking is not interesting. Think again if you want to try smoking. And for those of you who have already smoked, quitting as soon as possible is the first step to a better quality of life.

Hurry Up!